Friday Favorites {beach vacation}

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I hope you are all excited for the holiday and have wonderful plans! Whether that is sitting on the lake eating s’mores, watching fireworks or BBQ parties it is time to kick back and celebrate USA.

We are currently on vacation for the next couple of weeks and I could not be more thrilled. Before I run off, though, I wanted to share some Friday Favorites. These are my go-to items that I picked up for the holiday weekend.

As a new mom I wanted to pick up some key pieces that help me feel pulled together but aren’t overly fussy. There is nothing like a great pair of jeans and soft tee shirt. I love the tees from J.Crew, mainly for the comfort but the color options are beautiful. Add some sunnies, a fun bag or necklace and you are good to go. Another item I was searching for were great shorts. Joe Jeans are amazing and aren’t too short. Loft and Ann Taylor also have great options that are a classy length (sorry, but I don’t need my hiney hanging out). And what is summer without a great sundress?? This one is on sale and is seriously gorgeous. What I love about all of these items is that they all work well together and the rest of my wardrobe. I tend to purchase items that are classic and can be paired in several ways. That way when I am on vacation something can feel new again when combined in a new way.

Oh! And I threw in a few of my favorite beauty items (the make up cloth is everything!!!), the best lip balm and blush for hot days. I also snagged some sea salt spray in an effort to embrace my natural waves.

Wishing you all a wonderful 4th and holiday weekend!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

What is your hair texture? 


Thanks to Heather and Clare!

Thursday Things


I can barely sit still to write this post – we are leaving for vacation this morning! Weeee! In all truth, I am pretty sure I have been slowly checking out all week. Usually I get a big surge of energy and motivation, but this time I’ve actually slowed down as we approached our departure.

My sister and I went out for a mani/pedi on Monday night. It was a blast, I am not sure if everyone else in the salon enjoyed hearing our non-stop talking, but what can you do? We both opted for white nails and I went with a coral on my toes, she went with pink. Cuties. Linds went with a standard mani and I did shellac. We were barely out the door and she jacked two of her nails. Isn’t that the way?

What is with at-home pyrotechnics? Every night for the last week fireworks have gone off for 30 minute displays. Henry goes straight-up crazy, he hates thunderstorms and fireworks. All of this is to say that last night Phil and I were going to bed when I felt a squishhhh. Henry had pooped all over the floor and I stepped in it. So, there’s that.

Did I mention I am ready for vacation.

Random fact. Did you know that when I met Phil he was putting on firework shows professionally? Hand to the sky. I didn’t believe him when he first told me, but then we spent a Fourth at his family cottage where he did a show for the town. Don’t believe me (circa 2008).


Watermelons are being taken down left and right around here. <—summer!

Speaking of fruit. We will be in Traverse City at the time of the National Cherry Festival. It is a big shin-dig, and I am thinking of bringing pounds of cherries home to make this.

Mitch has finally found his voice. He is chit chatting non stop. I know I have mentioned before that I often question if this kid is mine; he’s super even tempered, has blond hair and blue eyes and is content just sitting and being still. And then the talking started. OK, so maybe he is mine.

I have been having this problem, I crave hummus, then I buy or make it and then I am all  like, “Eh, no thanks.”

Last week we finally finished Glee. Behind much? But it got all weird, so we let the episodes pile up on the DVR. I felt as though the story was incomplete after committing almost six years of my life. So we started up again and the show was back to its roots. Great ending. This is why you need to stick to your commitments, kids.

OK, I am off! Time to tackle this (hopefully) four hour drive and get the holiday getaway started!

What is something going on with you today?

Have you lit a firework?

What are your holiday plans?


Thanks Amanda!

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A New Day in The Life


Good morning! Today I wanted to share a day in the life post! I have received quite a few requests to see our new schedule, and I enjoy documenting various points of Mitch’s life. A month ago we switched to a new schedule with him and it has been wonderful for all of us. In […]

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