Family Organization Essentials for Under $20


While I am still in summer mode, the return to work, cool mornings and chatter of tailgating can only mean one thing - its back to school time. If you are like me, back to school was always a highlight; picking out your school supplies, new backpack and glitter markers. Albeit I am Type A all the way. So when the temperatures drop, I am making a list and checking it Read More »

Thursday Things


Maybe I should call this coffee talk? We won't split hairs, no one has time for that. Life is a constant hustle lately, however, now that we are all up to speed I feel like things can flow a little more around these neck of the woods. >>the coffee pot has officially been retired. I gave it a good shot, but no amount of cleaning, different coffee, water, filters or Read More »



Good morning, friends. With all of the change going on, it is nice to have some things stay the same. Hello What I Ate Wednesday {aka Monday}. These posts seem to be a big hit with you guys, so I decided to go with it since they are about to get a bit more exciting with work (read: eating out more, watching my wallet, trying to make dinner at a reasonable hour and of Read More »



Phew, I feel like I have a huge weight off of my shoulders after yesterday's post. Thank you all for the love and support. As I mentioned this was a huge decision that was not taken lightly. And to be totally honest, we are all still in a huge transition. Have no fear, I'll be sure to share all of that fun here on the blog because I think we are all struggling with change, Read More »



I feel like we all have plans for our lives. They change often and most of the time are nothing like what life turns out like. These plans can be small like the college we see ourselves going to and then the reality of where we go. They can be bigger like the kind of person you think you will grow up to be and the kind of career you want to have and the reality that neither of Read More »