{Locally Grown} Summer BBQ

To me, a perfect summer day should be filled with sunshine, swimming, ice cream and end with a BBQ dinner al fresco.


We have been enjoying so much of all that this season has to offer this year. With Mitch around, we’ve been eating at home a lot since he is in bed by 7pm. So, Phil and I love to grill fresh, easy meals that are filled with summer produce and enjoy the balmy nights with a glass of wine.

For me, a summer BBQ has a few essentials; something on the grill, corn on the cob, a nice green vegetable and sweet watermelon. If you throw in baked beans you get bonus points. Now, you can get fancy with ingredients, but for me I love the simplicity of an in-season meal done right.

On Wednesday we headed to Meijer to grab some staples for our BBQ dinner. I was really impressed by the amount of ‘locally grown’ signs throughout the produce isles.


It was really cool to see local farms being supported in our local Meijer. So, of course we scooped up some great produce!


Mitch even helped Phil pick out corn on the cob, which was from a farm on the west side of the state.

At this age, Mitch is very curious, so we made sure to tell him all about the various fruits, vegetables and fresh produce we looked at.


Of course, leave it to him to be freaked out by the hair on the corn but then chomp down once we pulled back the husk to show the kernels. (Everything goes in the mouth these days!)


Last night we grabbed a bottle of local wine from Traverse City and headed outside for dinner once Mitch went to bed. On the menu, grilled chicken breasts rubbed with a spicy seasoning and then marinated in our favorite BBQ sauce.


And on the side, a big salad topped with local tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and carrots and of course…corn on the cob!  BBQ_Dinner_0518

The dinner was the perfect summer meal in my book; light, refreshing, and all of the sweet flavors of summer.

What is your perfect summer meal?

What is your favorite thing to grill?


Thank you Meijer for partnering with me to share a healthy lifestyle!

Friday Favorites: So Much Good

With a busy week almost behind me, I am looking straight to the weekend for some fun and relaxation. I fully plan to disconnect, soak in the summer and celebrate. Who else is neeeeeding this? I’m kicking off my weekend with a return to yoga tonight. It has been eons and I am equally excited and nervous.

Lets start the day with favorites from the week!


-gentle reminders, even if the past that you are referring to was two days ago. Ha!


-throwback to six summers ago when Henry went “swimming”


everything about this boy.


-my infused water got an update this summer. (More watermelon goodness in my newsletter, sign up!)


-because it is just too cute to not share.


-a few fun workouts with Mitch.


-all of the hydrangeas around our house.


What are you loving this week?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

When was the last time you practiced yoga or changed up your workout?


thanks to Clare and Heather!

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-Friday – thank the high heavens. Not that weekends look much different than week days. Working from home and being a mom means everything flows together. Speaking of, I have a little photo shoot going on tomorrow for the blog. I am super excited and obsessing over every detail. I’m sure I will have a […]

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