Memorial Day Game Plan: Recipes to Kick off Your Summer Right

Happy Memorial Day weekend, lovies. I am so excited for the long weekend and am all sorts of stoked for the summer. Phil and I have a ton of celebrations over the next six months and we are ready for the fun to begin!

On that note, with all of these shin-digs come tons of not-so-healthy eats and lots of sugary cocktails. Ugh oh. We were just on the stair master busting out a sweat, so I am not ready to throw it all way.

So in the spirit of wanting to enjoy ourselves while still being able to rock a bikini sans food baby, here are some great recipes that will fill you up, make your taste buds dance and not end in unbuttoned pants. (Hey, I rhymed!)

Grillin and Main Dishes

Ladies, get out there and impress your men! Grab some ribs and show them how it’s done. Thanks to Damsel in Dior, this is totally doable and you can look fab at the same time. Perfection.


Sides and Sweets

grilled veg1

Veggies on the grill. Coat them in some healthy oil and toss them on, that simple. They taste so good and will be ready when your protein is done grilling. You really make this look easy! Winking smile


This strawberry mango salsa will knock your socks off. I love this recipe and the best part is you can change it up with any fruit, or as much fruit as you like. Serve with baked cinnamon sugar pitas or top your fish or chicken with this goodness. Also a great salad topper!


And to wrap things up, check out this amazing treat. Clocking in at 130 calories a slice and chalk full of fruit and natural sweetness, this is a sure winner.


Drinks are always appropriate in the summa-time. Just in moderation Winking smile  And also, be aware of what you are drinking. For example, lets not slam lots of margs. Not cute. Instead, try a simple beer, glass of wine, or even some sangria.

Most Important…always make sure you look good.

I love the casual look and feel of this outfit, but the pops of orange give such a happy and summery look. The perfect look to kick off the season. Paint your nails, put your hair in a braid and enjoy the day!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

What are your favorite summer time eats?

What are you up to this holiday weekend?




  1. That strawberry mango salsa looks amazing! I love grilled chicken or salmon and veggies for summer dinners – so light and simple yet perfectly delicious. :) Have a great weekend!

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