27 Week Pregnancy Update


Baby Guster is 27 weeks and six days and is about the size of a head of cauliflower.

Here’s what Baby Guster has been up to this week:
  • Clocking in at 2 pounds and is roughly 14 1/2 inches
  • Waking at regular intervals, opening and closing its eyes and possibly sucking its fingers
  • Hiccups are very common! Each episode only lasts a few moments and don’t bother the baby.
And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Maternity Clothes: Same as before. Picture above is one of my regular tanks with some maternity shorts.

Workouts: Back in my grove a bit. I have been loving my new TIU DVD! I have done most of the workouts and the HIIT twice. I also got in some cardio, walks and one morning of yoga.

Stretch marks? No, but the line down my belly is starting to come in a bit.

Symptoms: This week I struggled with my back aching. It was very sore by the end of the day and I asked Phil to be a gem and rub it a bit each night. I think a combination of house work, yard work, workouts, stress and a growing belly all contributed to my aches.

Sleep: Eh, ok. I have certainly had worse weeks, so I won’t complain about some short nights!

Movement: This week I felt Baby G stretch and move some body part across my body. You could see my belly push out and then move three inches to the right. It was so cool!!

Best moment this week: Placing my hand on my belly and having Baby G bump right under it. I felt like baby was saying hi. Smile

Food Cravings: ALL – I- WANT-IS –TUNA. I know, so odd since I’m not even that big of a tuna fan and pregos have to be careful how much they are taking in. But if I could have it my way, I would eat a can for lunch every day. Oh, and fruit and ice cream as usual.

Miss Anything? Being able to eat tuna. No, I’m kidding. Not too much, just the usual; missing my belly, stamina, and ability to sleep sans body pillow. However, as much as I miss some of the ‘old’ things, I love some of the new. Watching your belly grow is really cool.

Belly Button in or out? I would say flat.

Happy or moody most of the time: Really happy. I am so excited to meet this little one. We are rolling into the final stretch!!

New Baby Items: Some gifts have been showing up at the door almost every day!

Looking Forward To: One week to my shower! I cannot wait to celebrate and see what my sister has been working so tirelessly on. I just know it is going to be a wonderful day!

Random Thoughts and Musings: Moms, did you start to think about what life was going to be like once your little on arrives? I have had so many people tell me, oh just wait and see. I am not sure what to make of this. Of course I have high hopes for a baby that will look and behave like the kids in a Huggies commercial, but in reality I know there will be blow outs, sleepless nights, fussing with no cure and projectile vomit. But isn’t that part of the gig?

Am I missing something?

Pregnancy_27 weeks

See the rest of my updates on my new Pregnancy page!

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  1. says

    You look great!! Once the baby comes you really do have to just roll with the punches. There were so many things I said I would do and things I said I’d never do that I ended up eating my words. Every baby is soooo different. What one loves another one will hate. I always took/take advice with a grain of salt because of how different everyone is!

    • says

      Thank you, had to include my first baby :) I have actually switched up my hair routine and plan to share it on the blog soon!

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