Baby Shower and 5th Anniversary Party Celebrations

As you know, I have been gearing up to have one heck of a blow out weekend at my house. For several weeks Phil and I have been working tirelessly to prep our house, put together the nursery, work on our landscaping and of course, plan our fifth anniversary party that would immediately follow my baby shower that my sister was hosting.

Almost as soon as I announced that I was pregnant, my sister claimed dibs on throwing my shower and pulled out her calendar and picked a date. Two of my aunts live on the west coast and were coming for a visit this summer, so without much hesitation, we set the shower date so they could come and celebrate with us! I was so glad we were able to include them since they mean so much to me.

We also decided to have the shower at my house since my sister was still in the process of moving back to Michigan and I much prefer to have a shower in a casual environment. Our backyard is perfect for a big tent so we moved forward sending out the invitations and prepping!

On Saturday over fifty of my friends and family came to celebrate Baby G.  My sister did SUCH an amazing job!

In the initial planning, I knew I didn’t want anything too baby themed. We decided on a navy and coral theme with pops of gold – perfect since we don’t know the sex of Baby G! As much as I knew I would love the shower, Lindsay totally outdid herself! Everything was beautiful, sophisticated, personalized and tasted delicious!!



One of the highlights was the chips and salsa bar. Lindsay made three salsas (red, mango avocado and verde) all from scratch! I cannot tell you how much I loved this idea, but when we all got to taste, oh wow! She knocked it out of the park.


We also enjoyed a beautiful lunch of salad, grilled chicken, quinoa salad, fresh fruit and rolls.

But I think my  absolute favorite part were the desserts! Lindsay surprised me with mason jars filled with chocolate pudding cake and a berry crumble. OH MY WORD! They were to die for! Again, all of scratch and out of the park. I grabbed one of each to share with Lindsay. She knows me so well. :) Smile



We played a few games including guess the gender and due date of Baby G!


My sister had a large board with three weeks (one before my due date, one the week of and one week post due date) and the guests were asked to select either a blue stamp or pink stamp. The stamp marked your guess on gender and date. The guests wrote their name by their guess so we can see who is the closest to the actual due date and gender!

And then I opened gifts.



Baby G is one loved baby!


And of course, no day would be complete without my favorite sidekick! My niece Natalie was so excited for the party and even rocked pigtails – melted my heart. DSC_1017

After the shower, the guys came back from golfing and we rolled into party #2: our 5th anniversary party!


The party was simple; grilling out, a few kegs, yard games and lots of friends and family.

I set up a hot dog bar with all of the fixings so everyone could customize their meal.


We also had a huge cake (half strawberry with white chocolate mouse, half white with strawberry mouse) that was delicious! Phil and I had fun remembering our cake cutting at the wedding. And much like that day, he tried to spread cake on my face, but I was onto him! Once again he missed. ha!



The day wrapped late at night and it was safe to say we all had a wonderful full-day of celebrating!


Also, a big thank you to my bestie Katie for being photographer for a day! She snapped pics all day long.

I cannot tell you how lucky, loved and blessed I felt on Saturday to be surrounded by my closest friends and family celebrating Baby G and also my marriage to Phil. It was a day I will not soon forget!



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  1. says

    It looks like you had a busy, but FUN day! Your baby shower was absolutely adorable. My sister is having a baby shower in about a month and I definitely need to show her these pictures!

    • says

      The salsa bar was awesome! Everyone loved the bar and really got into talking about the flavors, which one was their favorite and wanted the recipes. It was a great starter to kick off the party!

  2. says

    So much to like in this post – the salsa bar, the hot dog bar and the desserts in jars!! Gorgeous … will be keeping it in mind for future celebrations :)


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